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You are blaming yourself needlessly for your overweight. The Trim for Life program will prove this to you. The truth is, your eating habits and other life-style behaviors are complex. Many overweight people are “compulsive” eaters, that is, they have lost some degree of control over their eating behavior.

Compulsive or emotional (stress) eating is not as unusual or scary as it sounds. When you are sad and reach for a slice of solace from the refrigerator, you are eating “emotionally”. When you spend the day nibbling at everything in the kitchen, when you wake up lonely in the middle of the night and turn to the familiar comfort of food, you are eating “emotionally”.

The most common symptoms of emotional or stress eating are listed below. If you answer
“yes” to any of these questions, whether you are 15 to 150 pounds overweight, you have lost some degree of control over your eating behavior.


Are you often preoccupied with thoughts of food, eating, dieting or your body shape?

Have you made repeated attempts to lose weight, only to gain back the pounds you lost?

Do you keep telling yourself you could lose weight if only you had the willpower or the determination?

Does your excess weight or eating habits interfere with the way you live your life?

Do you ever go on eating binges?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed when you eat too much?

Do you sometimes eat secretly in private?

Do you eat to comfort yourself from the stresses, anxieties or difficulties in your life?





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