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Attention – Discouraged Dieters

Trim For Life was designed for people like you who are tired of struggling with their weight problem year after year. 

You probably know this by now, but standardized diets rarely result in permanent weight loss. In fact, eliminating the foods you like and forcing yourself to eat in a prescribed way only encourages you to become an over eater. Before long you’re off the diet and right back where you started. 

Moreover, after repeated cycles of dieting, losing-gaining, losing-gaining “the yo-yo syndrome”, your body’s metabolism becomes slower and slower, making it even more difficult to lose weight.

You’re Not Alone

The latest statistics indicate that there are approximately 200 million Americans today who are seriously overweight. Nearly 80% of adults are perpetually dieting. But almost all dieters who lose weight on any standardized diet - gain back every pound within the first year. 

This includes all the currently popular commercial diets, the medically supervised plans and everything in-between. Only a handful of dieters manage to keep their weight off when they return to regular food.





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